Students pepper sprayed at UC Davis get $30k each

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CALIFORNIA – Ever endured lot of pain with no payoff? From the ever popular cinnamon challenge, to voluntary tazing sessions, people inflict pain on themselves all the time! A group of U.C. Davis Students who had an extremely painful experience at the hands of an officer are getting a big-time payoff now.

Remember, last November when the Occupy Movement was still in full-force and a group of students got pepper sprayed at close range by a cop?

Well, once those 21-students filed a class-action lawsuit their temporary (and unjustified) pain turned into an offer of $30,000 a piece!

Since the offending officer’s no longer employed at the U.C. Davis campus, and the Occupy Movement is, for all intents and purposes, over we’d suggest these students take the money and run!



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