Studies say being a night owl and excessive drinking can kill you

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HOUSTON -- Before starting a tab and toasting the night away with several drinks, there`s one key factor you might want to consider. Staying alive!

Downing shots of alcohol at your favorite pub can cost you a few years of your life.

According to British Journal The Lancet,  consuming 10 to 15 alcoholic drinks a week can shorten you`re life by one or two years.

Then, if you're really feeling the juice,  having 18 drinks in a week can take you out early by four or five years.

Researchers' findings suggest, drinking increases the risk of cardiovascular illness with every 12 and a half units of alcohol consumed over the suggested guidelines. This raises the risk of stroke, heart failure, and other diseases.

Don't sleep off that hangover just yet because apparently that can kill you too!! Breaking curfew and sleeping in can be the ultimate social life, but in reality it can shorten actual your life.

Chronobiology International says, being a night owl puts you at risk of early death by 10 percent.

Although researchers didn't use exact time frames, participants were listed by following types:

  • Definite morning
  • Moderate morning
  • Moderate evening
  • Definite evening

Definite evening types or "night owls" have higher rates of obesity, high blood pressure, in addition to smoking and drinking.

Who knew being the life of the party could kill you?



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