Studies suggest e-cigarettes and pot smoking may be bad for you

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DALLAS, TX – Some folks think smoking is bad for you, while others say otherwise.

E-cigarettes were supposed to be the latest and greatest and safest way to smoke, but a dozen Democratic lawmakers released a report saying e-cigarette makers are targeting young people, so, of course, they want Uncle Sam to regulate advertising and promotion of e-smokes.

Also, word is leaking out of a little-noticed study by researchers at the university of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Boston University, and UCLA.

Their study didn’t involve people, but the preliminary results suggest e-cigarettes can cause cancer just like regular smokes.

Hey, remember when your momma told you smoking dope would make you stupid? Well, mom may have been right.

A study paid for by the National Institute on Drug Abuse looked at 20 pot smokers between the ages of 18 and 25, who fired up an average of 11 joints a week. The results seem to show that pot brains didn’t fare well.

They say they found changes in the areas of the brain involving emotion, motivation and some types of mental illness.


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