Study: 3 large cities best for remote workers


HOUSTON (CW39) — Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work was on the rise.

As companies realize employees are as productive while working from home, economists see that trend continuing.

A new study by analyzed over 800 communities across the U.S. to see which were best suited for remote workers based on housing costs and internet access.

Some study highlights:

  • 3 of the top 10 large cities for remote work are in Texas – #1 San Antonio, #2 Dallas, and #4 Houston.
  • San Antonio ranked as the #1 large city based on it’s housing cost and internet access – average monthly rent $1,222; 99.1% have high speed wired internet access.
  • Abilene ranked #1 city for remote work in Texas and #10 best medium city nationally based on housing costs and access to internet – monthly rent cost is $675 and 97% of people have access to high speed wired internet.



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