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RENO, Nev. — Want to improve your kid’s grades? Get him a hotter teacher! A new study suggests students learn better the more attractive their professor is.

A student at Houston Community College, Rita Alaoui said it worked on her.

“I had to go on time and be there, just so I can look at him,” Alaoui said.

Now we’re not talking about the child predators having sex with their students — those creeps cause more problems than they’re worth!

In this University of Nevada study, students listened to a 20-minute physics lecture on tape and were given photos of the supposed teacher speaking. If the teacher pictured was attractive, students seemed to retain more of what they learned and did better when quizzed on the material.

Oddly enough, it didn’t seem to matter if the teacher was male or female.

Folks we talked to said they get it. Bryson Greer said if his female teacher is attractive, he goes the extra mile.

“I try to go to tutorials,” Greer said. “I try to do my work. I answer questions. I want her to know my name!”

Charkia Haif, an HCC student from Morocco, agrees.

“You try to impress to be noticeable,” Haif said. “Be the good student just to impress them.”

Previous studies have shown pretty people are looked at as smarter, more persuasive and better socially, so this sort of makes sense. But it’s sad we’re so superficial.

“If you had an ugly teacher, you’re gonna be thinking in the classroom, ‘Damn! She’s uglier than a mug!'” Timmy Saliu  said.  “But if you’ve got a fine teacher, you’re gonna stay awake. You’re gonna be like, ‘Jesus, what is she gonna say next.'”