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HOUSTON — “My loneliness is killing me,” said Britney Spears in her 1998 hit single “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. And guess what? Brittney was right!

Apparently, spending late nights alone on the sofa eating ice cream and watching the notebook are considered serious symptoms of the latest epidemic. A common disease simply known as being alone is spreading across America.

According to Cigna Health Insurance loneliness is at an all-time high. Topping both obesity and smoking as a greater risk to your health.

“It really shortens peoples life spans. It increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes it also decreases their immune system and the ability to fight off illnesses”, said Dr. Christine Le

Cigna surveyed twenty thousand adults starting at the age of eighteen to determine their state of loneliness.

Findings suggest younger adults are lonelier than the older generation. Surprisingly, social media didn’t play a factor, however youngsters have a higher level of shyness while older adults feel more outgoing.