Study finds workers tend to hate their job after they reach age 35

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HOUSTON - Do you hate your job?

Well, the answer might just depend on how old you are.

According to a new study by human resource firm-- Robert Half U.K.-- one in six British workers over age 35 say they hate their job.

"I don't think that that's true," Houstonian Jessica Moore, who's under 35, declared. "I think that they still enjoy their job, but they go through the process of understanding that it's become routine."

"It could be linked to identity crisis, or people feel that because they're in a place where there's more opportunity that they should be doing more," Phillip Butler chimed in.

Well, is that really true for American workers, too?

"They get themselves caught in credit cards, and everything else under the sun that keeps them stuck where they are," Bill McCollum said.

So, do younger workers today have an advantage?

"They have more opportunities, and because of social media they have more connections," Butler added. "They know how to better use- utilize- social media in order to get and move forward more into what they need to do."

Well, how can You cope with not liking your job?

"You shouldn't depend on anyone else to give you validation," Butler advised. "You should be validated in what you doin' and how you're going about it."

"They told me that our motto is, FEED-- far exceed expectations daily. That is what we do everyday," Moore shared.

"You need to look for a position where you want a job where you can do what you like to do, that you know you do well, and where you can grow," McCollum suggested.

Like it or not, it sounds like if you have a job you're not in love with, you just need to suck it up.....and make the best of it!

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