Study links sweet drinks to higher risk for heart attack

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So, do you drink a lot of soda pop every day? Maybe there’s a well-worn path from your desk to the soda machine? Or maybe you’ve been thinking lately about cutting down on those sweet drinks?

After all, you’re not the same old girl you used to be.

Well, there’s a study that backs you up.

This one is in the British medical journal, called the British Medical Journal.

Researchers found out that men who drink just two sweetened drinks per day had a 23 percent higher risk for a heart attack.

It was a pretty good-sized study, too: 42,000 Swedish men.

Your heart can fail when it’s not strong enough to pump enough blood and oxygen to support your body, especially one bloated with sugar from all those sweet drinks.

However, those researchers say they only studied men between the ages of 45 and 79, so these findings may not apply to younger men, or even to women of any age.

Another study, this one in the journal Circulation, suggests sugary drinks may be linked to about 184,000 adult deaths each year worldwide.

So you might want to switch from sodies to seltzer, unsweetened tea, or just plain water. Some liquid food for thought.


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