Study: Millennials more conservative politically than past generations

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It turns out millennials aren't as predictable as you think — at least when it comes to political affiliation.

New research from the Journal Personality and Social Psychology suggests those born between 1980 and 1994 are more likely to be conservative than either Generation Xers or baby boomers were at the same age.

Yeah mom and dad, that extremely liberal and democrat generation you thought would happen just might not be the case.  Americans are more politically divided now than they've been for almost fifty years.

The data shows as entering college students, 23 percent of millennials were identified as leaning far right.

For many folks, conservatism and liberalism just isn't for them. Along with becoming more divided, American adults are going independent.

In 1989, independents were only at 30 percent but by 2014 it cranked up to 46!

Regardless of how you view politics, it looks like the "rebellious" generation isn't so predictable after all.

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