Study shows bias in police use of force but not for officer involved shootings in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – The bad news: A Harvard professor says law enforcement around our nation has some race issues. The good news: That problem might not be as bad here in Houston. Maybe.

Economist Roland Fryer studied data from police departments in 10 major US cities. Fryer claims his research shows blacks and Hispanics are about 50% more likely to get roughed up by cops than whites. Luis Salinas; professor of sociology at the University of Houston says, “At the lower level of contact with the police, where people are stopped, where they’re frisked and searched, there is a discrepancy between minorities, African-Americans, Hispanics and whites.”

But in the wake of the highly publicized police shootings recently, the study points to an interesting correlation between cops and minorities here in Houston. Salinas adds, “When it comes to shootings, there is no distinction between minorities and whites.” Each city in the study willingly gave their information to Fryer, so maybe the research should be taken with a grain of salt. Houston resident, Samuel Milledge says, “I would want to see what his data is, as an attorney and as a black man first and foremost, i know I’m fearful of anytime, even stopped for a regular traffic citation, cause you just don’t know.

So, are we really more equal here in Houston? The jury is still out.


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