Study shows some parents in Texas won’t vaccinate their kids for many reasons


Vaccine (Photos by Tang Ming Tung/DigitalVision/Getty Images)

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) – New research shows that many adults in the United States feel strongly about not getting their child vaccinated.

Parents have many reasons for holding back when it comes to the vaccine. One of their biggest concerns is the side effects. This is the case for about 69 percent of parents across the nation. They also believe their child doesn’t need the vaccine.

According to QuoteWizard by Lending Tree, more than 30 percent of parents say they don’t trust what government officials have been saying throughout the course of the pandemic.

The QuoteWizard study reports that roughly 1 in 3 people, which is about 32 percent, don’t believe the vaccine will work on children.

Research shows that South Dakota, Vermont, Montana, Arizona, and Pennsylvania have the highest numbers of people who don’t vaccinate their children.

Lastly, most people say they’re waiting to see if the vaccine is “safe.”

QuoteWizard days most of the people who participated in this survey through “Household Pulse Survey” chose multiple reasons for not wanting to vaccinate their kids.

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