Studying gym rats

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Grego sounds off on recent study that says gym rats hit the barbells before hitting the bar:

"Working out.. yeah, I'm kind of a lifer. I agree with the story today about people drinking more on workout days.  I don't know, addictive personalities breed gym rats and heavy drinkers alike I guess.  The sample group was 18-89 years old but I'll bet there's a sizable chunk on the younger end of the scale skewing the research because there's nothing better for a single 18 to 30 something than pumping up the arms and chest at the gym, then hitting the club!  Taking it a step further, working out might also lead to unplanned children. "Ya know??!"  The researchers should try it and stop knocking, knocking back a few beers!  The other story about the consequences of working out has to do with your teeth and cavities. Studying Olympians and tri-athletes they found strenuous exercise increases acid levels in saliva that leads to tartar buildup, plaque, and eventually to cavities.  Okay, floss and brush more, use a mouth rinse and so what if you get cavities, get them filled.. 'Man dies of heart attack due to poor heart health" or "He looked great in the open casket, his teeth looked fantastic!"  I mean, what's the lesser of two evils?!  if you ask me all this info sabotages fitness because it allows "one more" excuse to skip the gym. One we don't need with all the obesity in this country, and what about the study that says drinking a glass of red wine is the same as getting an hour of exercise? huh??  Drink up friends, you earned it!"


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