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WILLIAMSBURG, IA –  Here at NewsFix, our reporters are no strangers to drinking and working, but not drinking “while” working. Yes, some would rather drink than work. But that’s another story.

This story, though, is about an intoxicated Iowa state trooper. A stupor trooper.

It all began one night in Williamsburg, IA, when a woman called 911 about a strange man at her door.

A local officer went to take a look and found someone he didn’t expect to see. It was Patrick Steinbach a drunk Iowa State Patrol officer.

Body-cam video shows Steinbach being uncooperative, which is a nice way of saying he was being a drunken you-know-what.

Cops booked the stupor trooper for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

“But,” noted Williamsburg Police Chief Ray Garringer, “as far as do we hold a grudge for what happened? No. I mean we know that sometimes alcohol makes people do things and say things that they wouldn’t normally do.”

And, we’re sure the local cops treat all drunk drivers with the same easy-going consideration.

Of course, they do.