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HOUSTON, Texas – A new star is born in Sugar Land, and is heading to Broadway.

Her name is Sarah Austin, she’s 8 years old, and is going to play Ivanka in Once, the musical, an adaptation based on the film of the same name.

The story goes like this: it all begins in a bar in Dublin.  Guy has lost his love and inspiration.  Girl hears guy sing.  They put a band together.  Through music, girl helps guy dream again.  Sarah auditioned in New York City, and guess what?  She’s going to play Girl’s daughter on a tour around the country and probably abroad as well.

“They let me sing my song, that was Castle on the Cloud,” said Sarah, “and they let me play an acting game with them.”

Proud mom is Sue Austin, a music teacher at Campbell Elementary.  She can’t help but dream about the new opportunities that will open up for her talented little princess.

“So, we went to that audition and we got the call that she got the part,” Sue said.  “It’s a very quick turn-around. They’re already touring.  It’s been touring for about a year.”

From the Greater Houston area to the world.  Here’s a piece of advice for other girls who might want to go the same route.

“They should be themselves,”explained Sarah, “and just whatever happens they would know that they are still good in what they do.”