Sugar Land Skeeters are in the playoffs and the fans are champions

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SUGAR LAND, Texas — The Skeeters have been creating quite a buzz in the independent league.

“We’re pretty excited about making the playoffs,” President Jay Miller said.

These pros take to Constellation field for different reasons. They’re here to start their careers.  Or perhaps audition for one last chance.  But it’s the fans that make the difference. And Skeeters fans are in a league of their own.

“We’ve got the best season ticket holders I’ve ever seen,” outfielder Jeremy Barfield said. “Our fans are great. They come to watch us play, and we play our hardest for ’em.”

Since the first pitch was thrown five years ago, the team has drawn more than three hundred thousand fans in the stands every season — this season included.

“This is a very economical way of watching a sport you enjoy,” fan Gary Haney said.

Another part of the appeal is the family vibe you get when you walk through the gates. It’s a ballpark where everybody seems to know your name.

“Coming to a Skeeters game, if you’re a regular, you are somebody,” Miller said.

In fact, season ticket holders even get to hang out in the dugout during the game! Gee, you don’t see that at the home of that other team 20 miles down the road.

“We live five minutes from here,” fan Becky Haney said. “So, it’s fun to be able to get here, show up, not have to fight traffic, and see a good ball game.”

As the team gets closer to it’s championship, there’s no doubt this is one group of Skeeters folks are just itching to see!



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