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SANTIAGO, CHILE – Most people visit the zoo for one thing and that’s to see the animals like lions, and tigers, and bears, right?

Well, one man in Chile didn’t just want to see some lions, he wanted to be eaten alive by them!

Yeah, it was “death by lion” that this 20-year-old man– Franco Ferrada —  apparently chose for his own suicide, not knowing there would be a fatal flaw to his plan.

According to the Santiago Zoo’s Facebook page, the man first scaled a fence and took off all his clothes before approaching the lions.

Then, Ferrada forced his way into the lion’s den…er, cage.

Witnesses said the lions ignored Ferrada at first but started attacking him when the naked man began taunting them.

Zookeepers fired a tranquilizer dart at the lions to calm them down, but the dart hit Ferrada instead.

So, as the lions kept attacking the naked man, a zookeeper fired on the lions with real bullets and killed two of them in front of a large crowd of shocked zoo-goers.

Ferrada was taken to a local clinic in critical condition with injuries to his head and pelvis.

A suicide note was later reportedly found in his clothes.

Too bad a pair of lions had to die because of one man’s whacked-out plan.