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HOUSTON – Hey, what`s the deal with teenagers avoiding summer jobs?

We`re talkin` about teens between 16 and 19 years old who are NOT working this summer.  Back in the old days, that`s the 70s and 80s, more than half of the teens in the country worked summer jobs. This year only 156,000 jobs were filled which is down 14% from last year. And this isn`t a new trend, it`s been going on for decades according to analysis from career gurus at Challenger, Gray and Christmas.

Well, we wanted to find out what gives, so we hit the streets looking for “summer slackers”.

“I’m looking for a job right now which is kind of hard.  This is like the fourth place I’ve gone, but most places are sort of slow in the summer so it’s a lot harder to find a job” says  Sanitago Navarrete.

Alexis Acevedo can relate, “I couldn’t find a job or an internship and I thought I could be useful in some other way. I’m volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary.”

We couldn’t find any H-town teens slacking.  Vanessa Ramirez with  Ser Jobs for Progress explains why, “What the numbers show for Houston is that, they’re not interested in kicking back this summer. We’ve had over 4,000 applications for 1,500 opportunities. Houston’s youth who are saying I want to either start on my career as of now or at least figure out what opportunities exist that can expose me to different careers that Houston has to offer.”

Martin Montes is in college now, but last year he was here, job hunting.  “One of the ways this program helped me was to set into practice my leadership skills, responsibility, and time management.”

Getting a job will also teach you how taxes eat up most of your paycheck. No matter when you learn that lesson, it`s a painful one,  but it`s all part of being part of the working world, so you better get used to it.