Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor visits University of Houston Law Center

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HOUSTON – Law students at the University of Houston were given supreme treatment on Friday as sitting U.S. Supreme Court Justice– Sonia Sotomayor– visited the campus for a fireside chat.

Knowing she’s a big Yankees fan, UH professor Michael Olivas presented the justice with a World Series Champion Astros jersey just to rub it in a little.

“Astros Strong?” he questioned the justice to rousing applause.

But she was a good sport about it.

“This may be the most awesome gift you could have gotten me!” the justice declared.

She made her way around the auditorium shaking hands, answering questions and even posing for selfies.

Sotomayor shared many views on America’s legal courts and how young lawyers especially need more preparation to learn better ethics.

“What we’re not doing is training young lawyers to understand what is their ethical, moral obligation as lawyers,” she said.

Sotomayor also commented on the importance of wills, since it was pointed out legendary singer– Prince– died without a will, and now 17 potential heirs have come forward claiming a share of the late entertainer’s multi-million dollar estate.

So, what’s it like sitting back and hearing a supreme court case?

“Even if you know they’re on the losing side, you still enjoy the show,” the justice laughed.

But if the lawyers aren’t well-prepared, it doesn’t always go so well.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I get one of these new people, and I pass a note to one of my colleagues and say, ‘I want to kill him,'” Sotomayor shared.

Well, it’s good to know members of the High Court have a sense of humor!

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