Surgeons leave objects in patients 6k times a year

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TYSONS CORNER, VA – The number one play-time rule when you were a kid? Clean up after yourself. If you trust a doctor enough to let them cut you open, you probably think they’ve long-since mastered the cleanup rule.

However, a report by USA Today shows doctors aren’t always using ‘surgical precision’ when it comes to cleaning up after an operation.

In fact, the report says that every single day, 1 in about 5,500 or 7,000 patients gets a parting gift from their surgeon (and by parting gift we mean surgical sponges and a dozen other commonly misplaced objects). Add it all up, and about 6,000 times a year, patients are walking out of the hospital with more inside of their body than they started with.

Maybe docs should screen folks ‘TSA Style’ before sowing them back up. You can’t get 3 oz. of liquid past those guys!



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