Susan Thomas to become the first female NFL referee

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SUSANHOUSTON, TX – The NFL is close to having its first permanent female referee. Susan Thomas has been an official for Conference USA and now she’s trying to latch on with the big boys.

1959 VIDEO: “Give her to somebody else, I ask for a man. I work with them. I know what happens.”

Thankfully times have changed, and most players don’t have a problem with a woman calling penalties.

Texans offensive lineman Ben Jones says, “I don’t mind all. I’m sure she is a great lady and I’m sure she knows the game better than anybody. I wouldn’t have any shame or anything like that. I bet she’ll do a great job.”

Texans wide receiver EZ Nwachukwu adds, “I think anybody can do a job. It’s not something that should be discriminated against because male or female, but as long as she comes in and does her job, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.”

Texans tight-end Owen Daniels says, “As long as they’re fair and making the right calls. I don’t really pay attention to the referees too much. I don’t pay attention to the officials. I just try to play my game. I got a lot of stuff out there. So, as long as they’re doing their job, I don’t care who is out there.”

That would be the key phrase “as long as they’re doing their jobs” because we don’t want to see the botched calls from replacement referees during last season.

Wearing the stripes in the NFL would be inspirational for Thomas’ family.

Susan Thomas says, “Since I have boys and they’re going to grow up around sports, I thought they might appreciate mom officiating football. All these guys have years and years of experience and knowledge and know what the next level is looking for so if I can learn why not learn from them.”

Might be a good call.



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