Sushi roll, gold nugget, and Ferraris top the really “big” news around the world

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MIYAGI PREFECTURE, Japan – Kesennuma, Japan, regained the delicious distinction of having the country’s longest sushi tuna roll, in the thick roll category, of course.

In 2011, the people of Kesennuma could only stand by and look at the devastation caused by an earthquake and tsunami. But that was then and this is now. Thirteen-hundred participants had more than a hand in making this 352-yard long sushi roll. That’s more than the length of 3 football fields.

It took 187 pounds of big-eye tuna, about 1,212 pounds of locally harvested rice, and 1,700 sheets of Nori seaweed. These folks really know how to roll.

The Golden State lived up to its name with purchase of a six-pound gold nugget at the San Francisco antique show. A prospector found it in July.

The person who bought it wants to remain anonymous, and won’t even say how much money changed hands, but the folks who know about such stuff think it sold for around $400,000. Talk about an expensive paperweight!

Hold your horses! The folks at Ferrari are coming out with a new car. Actually six new cars.

They’re calling it the Sergio.

It’s a concept car with butterfly doors, floating headrests, and a sweeping headlight design meant to turn heads and stop traffic.

Ferrari has sold all six already, by invitation only, and probably not on a payment plan.



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