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COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Texas A&M is steeped in tradition, but what the “Hullabaloo, Caneck, Caneck” is going on?

The annual football Chalk Talk for Women is all about increasing gridiron knowledge and raising money for charity. It’s usually filled with sexual innuendo, but this time many women feel Assistant Coaches Jeff Banks and Jim Turner fumbled and crossed the line.

Here’s a few snippets from the Coaches’ “Do’s and Don’ts” for pass blocking. “Spread them again. Get erect. Stay erect. Bang him hard.” What the HOWDY!

Kinda makes the sexist rewriting of the Aggie War Hymn look like a compliment.

“We are Aggie women

We are filled with Estrogen

Hullabaloo… Canek…Canek… and back again.

Maroon and white are the colors we love

We are putting down our dish towels and taking off our gloves

No more Lysol or Cascade

We want to score touchdowns and walk in a parade.

We are Aggie women and this is our song.

Come on… bring it on…no more thong.

Hullabaloo… Canek…Canek… and so on.”

Forget “WHOOP!” and think social media “whoopin”! The Twittersphere lit up with comments ranging from mortified, embarrassed and furious to “We can do anything. Start respecting us.”

Coach Kevin Sumlin has suspended Banks and Turner for two weeks without pay and both must serve 20 hours of community service. Hopefully around women who can explain why some traditions are better left in the past.