Suspicious police in China perform cavity searches on 10,000 doves

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BEIJING, China - Doves of peace? Apparently, not in China. Beijing police took some unusual security measures preparing for their "National Day" celebration, which occurred on October 1st. Before thousands of symbolic birds were released in Tiananmen Square, each and every one of the pigeon's poopers were scrutinized for what Chinese officials called suspicious materials.

According to the Beijing News, 10,000 doves were subjected to full body pat-downs, including cavity searches, all in the effort to make sure these birds weren't packing any bombs. The report goes on to say, the wings, legs and anus of each bird was checked the day before the ceremonies, which marked the 65th anniversary of communist control in the People's Republic of China.

Chinese cops feared terrorists inside their country might use the doves to carry out attacks by turning the birds into flying bombs. Now that would have definitely ruffled some feathers during their festivities.

Super precautions or just paranoid, you decide. But the dove body-search definitely has some Chinese citizens squawking. Many see themselves like the pigeons, oppressed by a society with tight surveillance. To them in communist China, there's no such thing as being "free as a bird".


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