Sweat says he did not have sexual relations with that woman, Joyce Mitchell

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PLATTSBURG, NY – David Sweat, the self-proclaimed mastermind of last month’s New York prison break, is sounding like a former president when he says he did not have sexual relations with that woman, Joyce Mitchell, not once, not even a hundred times as an ex-con has said.

Sweat also says killing Mitchell’s husband Lyle was all her idea, telling investigators it was fellow escapee Richard Matt who was doing the jailhouse boogie with Joyce, and that she said she’d drive the getaway car if they killed Lyle.

She has admitted having cell-block sex with both of her guys, but she denies wanting her husband out of the way.

We also now know that Matt penned a letter from the pen to his daughter before the June 6 break out.

“I always promised you I would see you on the outside,” he wrote. “I’m a man of my word.”

And by outside, he may have meant “other side”. He ended up shot in the head after he and Sweat parted ways.

Matt’s body shuffled off to Buffalo where his son picked it up, but the family plans no service for the man who killed and cut up his former boss.

His sentence of life in prison ended with death on the run.



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