Swiss space agency to launch Pac-Man-like satellite to gobble-up space junk

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LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND - To combat the growing problem of orbiting debris cluttering up the space around Earth, an agency in Switzerland has come up with a possible solution, by paying homage to a classic arcade game. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology proposes to launch a Pac-Man-like spacecraft to orbit, in order to gobble up pesky space junk.

That's right, the arcade character created a "fever" back in the 80's, but the little yellow guy is making a comeback these days. The Swiss have come up with the Pac-man looking, Clean Space One Project, that's designed to gobble up orbiting space junk. After the Pac-SAT eats the space trash, it (and its last meal) will fall back to earth and burn up in reentry. Talk about major heartburn!

As of now the Swiss have only made a prototype, but a working version of the Pac-Man-like Clean Space One Project is scheduled to be launched in 2018. The Swiss (and classic gamers everywhere) are chomping at the bit that this hungry little craft can clean up space.


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