Houston SXSW accident survivor recovering in Austin hospital

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HOUSTON, TX – South by Southwest draws an international crowd, so it’s no wonder Houstonians make their way to Austin for the festivities.

Gracie Nguyen and Patrick Sanchez, employees of Mark’s American Cuisine were both injured in the tragic accident last week.

Patrick suffered relatively minor injuries, while Gracie wasn’t so lucky. She’s still recovering in an Austin hospital.

“The latest I’ve heard, I think they just took her out of ICU, she’s been responding really well. Due to the extent of her injuries to her skull, I think it was a fracture, the doctors are very positive,” according to Miguel Farias, Assistant General Mgr. at Mark’s American Cuisine.

24-year-old Nguyen is a student and assistant pastry chef at Mark’s restaurant.

“She is just one of those people when it comes to cakes and pastries.  She makes some beautiful designs. It blows me away. Like wow,” said Farias.

Jonathan Sulgrove who worked with Nguyen said, “Just the sweetest, kindest, nicest little girl you`ll ever meet.  One of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Just very, very creative and always willing to help out.”

The news of their friend’s injuries was a shock.

“It tore the staff up. My pastry chefs, they were in tears for days over it,” said Sulgrove.

But they’re hopeful.

“She’s doing well, I think she,s going to be just fine,” says Sulgrove. She’s strong, she’s going to make it.”

Customers and employees alike, wish Gracie a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her creations come out of the kitchen again.

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