Syrian terrorists release video of kidnapped female Italian aid workers

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NORTHERN SYRIA – Members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group the al-Nusra Front have apparently gone from executing Syrian prisoners of war, to kidnapping young women.

Al-Nusra thugs kidnapped Greta Ramelli, 20, and Vanessa Marzullo ,21, in August as the two Italian aid workers distributed food and supplies in Aleppo.

The group posted a video clip on New Year’s Eve showing the girls in a bare room wearing Muslim headscarves, Marzullo holding a sheet of spiral notebook paper with the date "17-12-14 Wednesday" in English.

Ramelli appears to be reading from a script, asking for help from the Italian government, and saying that their captors could kill them.

Italian officials have not Varified the video, but apparently they thought they had almost arranged for their release.

The young women were active in rallies back in Italy, showing their support for the rebel forces fighting against the Syrian government, and particularly their support for Muslims.

A Facebook post by Marzullo in 2013 carries considerable irony given her current situation.

It reads: To the West, Allah Akbar (or God is great) is just a call of triumph.

It ends with the words: Don’t panic.

If this video is for real, these two young women have moved well past the panic stage.


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