Taliban beheads 2 boys suspected of spying in Afghanistan

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talibanKANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN – Just last year, we started hearing reports from the BBC of hope returning to Kandahar, Afghanistan.

But today, that hope has turned into horror.

Stories coming out of the southern Afghan province describe why the Taliban cut off the heads of two boys they suspected of spying.

Two boys. Ten and sixteen.

The Taliban like to point to Kandahar as their spiritual homeland, but it remains a poor city in an even poorer country. Authorities say the Taliban kidnapped the two boys as they searched roadside garbage for food.

Both bodies turned up Monday.

Kandahar’s governor says the beheading of the boys was inhumane and un-Islamic.

It may be ‘un’-Islamic, but ‘un’-fortunately it is not ‘un’-usual, in this ‘un’-der belly of a stone-age country.

Last year, the Taliban beheaded a 6-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy. The boy, in Kandahar province.

It is also not ‘un’-Islamic to cut off the heads of your enemy, or to put video of it up on the Internet.

The U.S. and NATO will pull out of Afghanistan next year, and when we do, just like when the Soviet Union did, the Taliban will make their move to re-take control, and then heads will really roll.


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