Tall husbands and short wives have happier marriages, study says

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It might be no secret that women love tall men... so much that a new study claims tall husbands make their shorter wives happier. As the saying goes-- happy wife, happy life.

And apparently, the bigger the height difference, the happier the marriage.

The study was conducted by researchers at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea and analyzed data from nearly 8,000 women.

Psychotherapist Dr. Jill Payne said the preference all boils down to how we're biologically wired.

"Man is supposed to be the one that goes out there and hunts and protects you. We want a man to be able to pick us up and carry us over that threshold, so if they look shorter than us and more meek and mild, we just don't think that they can really carry us-- physically and emotionally," Dr. Payne said.

Aside from the initial attraction, Dr. Payne said height is usually the least of a couple's concern when seeking therapy.

"In my practice, height has only really been mentioned when they're dating, looking for someone. Other than that, my couples have never mentioned height in their squabbles," Dr. Payne said.

The good news for short men though-- the infatuation phase doesn't last forever.

The study said wives' happiness about their husband's height difference tended to fade away after 18 years of marriage.

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