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HOUSTON, TX – At Target, Black Friday will actually start on Thursday!  Yes, on Thanksgiving.

The chain will open their doors at 9pm. 3 hours earlier than they did in years past.

Great news for some shoppers; employees on the other hand would rather stay home with their families for a few extra hours.

One target employee in California started an online petition to save Thanksgiving for family. Over 150,000 people signed in support.

Here in Houston, Laura Sonnier, a Target shopper said, “I think it would be better if Thanksgiving stayed Thanksgiving. It would be nice, people who work here get to stay at home and people who are at home can stay at home and visit their families.”

Though there are benefits to stores opening just a few hours early on the holiday.

Jennifer Arevalo says, “I think by that point, you want some time apart maybe, from Thanksgiving, so the shoppers will probably love it, I doubt that the workers at Target would enjoy it.”

But Target employees can be thankful they don’t work for some of the other retailers who will be open for business at 8.

Pretty soon, our Thanksgiving dinners will be eaten in shopping carts.