Tax Day: Why wait to the last minute?

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HOUSTON, TX – Time’s up! Today is the last day to file your income tax return, and the rush is on. But why wait to the last minute?

Cindy Alam with Jackson Hewitt Tax Service said, “People that owe, generally will wait until the last few days because they don’t want to give up that money.”

Others wait for a surprising reason.

“Some people just simply want to get their refund later in the year. If they file now, they won’t get their refund until mid-May, and they want to use it for summer vacation.”

But tax day isn’t all bad.  Vendors are offering all kinds of freebies to ease the pain. Boston Market is offering a two-fer ribs special for $10.40, while Trojan is handing out vibrators in L.A. and San Francisco, saying: “it’s a stimulus package they will never forget.”

Maybe the act of kindness will help us forget the pain of handing our cash to the government.

And let’s not forget the birthday of income tax. What? You didn’t know?

This is the 100th year we have to share our hard earned paychecks with Uncle Sam. Guess, they forgot to mention it.


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