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WEST HAVEN, CT – Remember when students would be in their places with bright shiny faces, and the teacher could be a mother from home?

Not anymore.

Cell phone video taken by a student shows a teacher pulling the chair out from under a disruptive student at a middle school in West Haven, Connecticut.

Reports say the student wasn’t listening, and instead of calling the office or school security, science teacher David Pfaff pulled the chair out from under the kid.

Administrators fired him, because he was still in his probationary period after the district hired him over the summer. They also called the cops who have opened a criminal investigation.

In Kissimmee, Florida, security video from six months ago is now available, and it shows what led to felony child abuse charges against school resource officer Mario Bandia.

The video shows Badia confront a 13-year old student in the lobby of Kissimmee Middle School.

The boy’s mother says a situation that was already tense quickly escalated when Bandia pointed his finger in the boy’s face, then grabbed the boy’s face before twisting his arm and knocking him to the floor.

Alexis Richmond says Bandia should not have been called when her son talked back to her.

Bandia has been at home since May, earning more than $15,000 under his suspension with pay. The boy is recovering from a broken wrist and a shattered trust in those who are supposed to protect him.