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HOUSTON, TX – Ted Cruz cruised into Houston to talk with the city’s top business leaders at what was billed as a State of the Senate speech to the Greater Houston Partnership.

But the speech was more about Cruz’s political philosophies, which some would say helped bring about last month’s government shutdown.

Cruz told the bunch that lunch that restoring the nation’s economic growth is his top priority as a U.S. senator. And he said reducing the national debt is the first step, “I’m going to suggest to you that what we’re doing right I think is fundamentally immoral. If we don’t pull back from this path, this fiscal and economic cliff we’re facing, our kids, our grandkids, will spend their whole lives, not working to meet their priorities, the challenges of the future, but just working to pay off our debt, because we weren’t responsible enough to live within our means.”

Of course, every politician has something to say about taxes. For Cruz, it’s an overhaul of the whole IRS system.

“I think we need to follow the same pattern that we’ve followed in the past: dramatically simplify the tax code so that we have a simple, flat, fair tax that applies to everybody so everybody can fill out their taxes just on a postcard.”

And what would a Ted Cruz speech be these days without some mention of Obamacare.

Cruz told the GHP that whenever he holds a town hall in Texas or meets with small business owners, the message is the same, that Obamacare is killing economic growth. And he cited a recent get-together in Kerrville.

“The fellow in whose restaurant we were meeting said that he had right now a great opportunity to expand his business, to double the size of his business . . .And if they expanded, they would cross the 50-employees threshold and make them subject to Obamacare. He said ‘If we’re subject to Obamacare, it will drive us out of business.'”

Even though Cruz had nothing new to say and no special inside info to share, we kind of doubt anyone will be asking for a refund.