Teen in Texas has to shave head after bullies super glue her hair

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KILLEEN, TX -You thought you were having a bad hair day! Chances are, it`s nowhere near as bad as one 15-year-old high school girl in Killeen. Hannah Combs says, "I don`t feel like I`m pretty anymore."

Combs is the victim of a high school bully. But what happened to her became a real sticky situation. She and a few friends were just standing outside of Harker Heights High School talking when another student walked up behind her and poured super glue in her hair. Can you imagine?!

"It was like a sunburn times 10. It was horrifyingly bad.," says Hannah.

She was rushed to an urgent care facility and treated for severe chemical burns to her scalp. But anybody who has ever touched super glue knows....it ain`t easy getting rid of it. Hannah had to shave off half her hair.  And while some kids consider the look stylish, this was definitely not Hannah`s choice.

Hannah's mom says, "When your daughter says the only thing she liked about herself is gone, it rips you apart."

There's no telling why Hannah became the victim, but she hasn`t been in class since. She hopes to go back soon. In the meantime, she is trying to stay strong.

"Other people find different ways to bring you down. If you let them bring you down, you`re letting them win."

That`s her motto......and she`s sticking to it!


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