Teen sculptor to create statue in protest of Bill Cosby

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TURLOCK, CA – One teenager’s work of art is sharing the spotlight with Bill Cosby. Rodman Edwards, 15,  of Turlock, California created a fat and naked 3-D version of the comedian with plans to make a statue.

“I put Fat Albert where his genitalia would be just like he`s blocking Cosby from what he’s about to do,” Rodman said.

The 3-D rendering of Cosby depicts a way most of us have never seen him, maybe with the exception of a few women. More than 20 women have publicly accused the comedian of sexually assaulting them, but Cosby’s lawyers deny all claims.

Rodman believes the statue is art imitating life, which is what inspired this teen sculptor’s creation.

“I’ll be honest I do believe in the accusations and it kind of disgusts me that people can actually say that that many women are lying about something like this,” the teen said.

Rodman calls it “Fat Albert Cries for Dr. Huxtable” and hopes the statue will replace the current one of Cosby in front of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Halls of Fame.

“It was a little shocking but I liked it. I knew where he was going with it,” said Daniel Edwards, Rodman’s father.

Either way, Rodman’s erected version of Cosby is sure to have folks talking even more than they already are.



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