Teenager dead after Facebook fight

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BIRMINGHAM, Al – Girl fights seem to have devolved into a new low. Now seemingly pride-filled fighters go at it, then post it on social media for the world to see.

That was the setup in Birmingham when a group of girls, who quarreled on Facebook, decided to take their beef to a park, where they would fight, videotape it and then post it. But, a couple of male spectators apparently brought guns and one of the girls, a 14-year old, was shot dead. Police say Kierra’onna Rice was killed by the boyfriend of one of the other girls.

“She was a good person,” said Diamond Davis, who knew the victim. “She never had any trouble. She was never in anything. She was a good person. She liked to help people.”

Some in the community are outraged and wonder why there’s such easy access to the guns.

Said Herman Henderson, president of community group Stop The Violence, “We going to reach these daddies, we going to reach these mothers, and we’re going to tell them this is senseless. Where are they getting the guns from? Where are they learning to be so violent at a young age?”

Two teenaged boys, 17 and 19, are in custody and others are left to think about solutions.

“Just apologize to others and just stop the hood-beef. And just stop fighting, and everybody can get along,’ said Davis.


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