Temporary out-of-state insurance adjusters to assist for Texas Winter Storm damage


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HOUSTON (CW39) Governor of Texas Greg Abbott today addressed the anticipation of damage from the winter storm impacting Texans. That severe winter weather is expected to cause tremendous damage and many insurance claims are sure to follow.

The main storm that has caused severe damage in Texas, is now beginning to move out of state of Texas. Snow and sleet in Northeast Texas will continue to exist but also gradually move out. After that, another round of precipitation will be coming across the state over the next 24 hours.

Cold temperatures will remain across much of the state for the next few days.

Most of the state will be below freezing Thursday morning along I-10 and north if I-10 and will remain freezing through Thursday night, with ultra-cold temps Thursday night. Many areas across the state will start getting above freezing on Saturday, causing damage to pipes at home and could even effect your vehicle in some way.

Texas law will also provide insurance adjusters out of state can get a temporary license to do adjusting for disaster claims. 

That’s important because we do expect a lot of people in Texas to have disaster claims whether it be with your home because of damages Texans could have occurred to our home or to your rental property or work because of a car accident. 

The governor is also urging the insurance businesses in Texas to bring in as many insurance adjusters from across the state as possible.  



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