Tennessee town has speeding sign of 31MPH

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TRENTON, TN – A speed limit sign lets us know how fast we should be going, but let`s be real here, not everyone follows the law. But folks in a small Tennessee town aren`t having trouble remember the speed limit because it`s one-of-a-kind.

The sign reads ’31 mph.’ And get this, it`s not a mistake. In fact, the town`s historian says it was done on purpose to help keep drivers` speed under control.

The city`s mayor says the unique speed limit was a compromise between the city council.

‘Whether the speed limit should be 30 mph or 35 mph, and I think they just made a compromise and they just made it 31 mph and it stuck,’ Trenton Mayor Tony Burriss said.

It`s not only something that stuck, but it help put the small town on the map.


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