Terrorist magazine hints at having an undetectable bomb ready for “green light”

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YEMEN – The latest edition of “Inspire” is available for bathroom reading. That’s the online publication of al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, also known as Yemen.

The Yemeni terrorists devote much of the 57-page magazine to lone wolf attacks, like the one in Australia, along with threats to airlines, with a special focus on how to make hidden, or undetectable, bombs.

Some guy called the al-Qaeda Chef sounds like he came out of a corporate board room when talking about a special bomb developed in 2009.

“The brothers in the external operation committee did not give us the green light until recently,” the chef said.

He may have been talking about the next generation shoe bomb that can get through airport security on the feet of al-Qaeda terrorists.

The terrorist publication also suggests using bombs against u-s airliners, specifically American, Delta, and United. Ideally, over U-S soil.

And, if that doesn’t work, terrorists could switch their attention to British Airways, Air France, or Royal Dutch Airlines.

The magazine also devotes a 20-page section on how to build and test an undetectable bomb with materials, they say, are readily available anywhere around the world.

These are the same guys that came up with a rectal bomb to kill Saudi Arabia’s interior minister Muhammed bin Naif in 2009.

He survived, but the guy with the bomb in his butt didn’t.

The war on terror has always been unconventional, but it’s gone to a whole nuther level when now that butt bombs are weapons of choice.



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