Terrorists attack offices of French satire magazine, kill 12 people including editor

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PARIS, France – As night fell upon Paris, thousands of people across the city and nation held up signs in silent tribute to the murdered journalists of the publication “Charlie Hebdo”, killed earlier in the day by masked terrorists, reportedly because of the magazine’s satire toward Islam.

People were holding signs “Je suis Charlie” which translates to  “I am Charlie.”

People across the world have joined the movement, with cell phones and signs in London, and Barcelona, and berlin. A candle and a pencil in Italy.

And Charlie Hebdo has changed its home page to read simply: Je suis Charlie.

Police say they have identified the three masked gunmen who stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebro earlier today, seeking journalists by name and killing four of them. The publication’s editor was among those murdered.

Also killed was a man wounded in the attack, then cold-bloodedly shot in the head as he lay on the street, as captured by amateur video.

In all, 12 people died.

Terrorists burned Charlie Hebdo’s offices in 2011. The attack came the day the magazine published an issue making fun of Islamic law and featured the prophet Mohammed on the cover, something generally banned by Islam, and guaranteed to outrage Muslim terrorists.

Now, the people of France are hoping to show that the power of the pen, or pencil, truly is greater than the power of the sword.



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