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DEIR EZZOR PROVINCE, Syria – Uncle Sam and his allies continue their air attacks on Islamic State, or ISIS.

Overnight, missiles and bombs hit ISIS headquarters, a training camp, and oil refineries in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province.

Military officials say the strikes killed 14 terrorists, but a human rights group says the attacks also killed five civilians.

The strikes on 12 oil refineries under ISIS control were meant to cut into the $2-million a day ISIS makes on the black-market sale of oil.

The US flew six F-15 jets on these latest strikes with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates joining the sorties. They could be joined soon by Belgium and the Netherlands.

For its part, ISIS is not taking this lying down.

Some of them are sitting. An apparent ISIS propaganda video shows terrorists taking a break and breaking out in a song about building their caliphate on the skulls and bones of the martyrs. And while they take a break, their fellow ISIS fighters continue to advance on the Syrian town of Kobani.

Iraq’s prime minister says his spies tell him that terrorists have planned an attack on subways in New York and Paris.

When asked if the attacks were “imminent”, the prime minister said he wasn’t sure, but he added that they’re still active.

Meanwhile, the latest threat facing Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS is a sandstorm of nearly biblical proportions hitting their camps in Turkey.

They are short on food, short on water, and, unfortunately, long on misery.