Texans begin installing NFL’s biggest video board

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RELIANTHOUSTON, TX – Lots of chatter about the Houston Texans newest major player: the video board.

Team President Jamey Rootes said, “This will be the largest in a sports stadium in the world.”

Take that Cowboys Stadium! Now we have a better team and a better board.

“So we’re now from a video perspective able to provide the fans something similar maybe even better than what they could otherwise have within their home from a video presentation perspective.”

As if Texans fans needed a better reason to go experience a game in person.

But hey, now we got ourselves fancy HD screens: three-in-one in each end zone, 52 feet tall and 270 feet wide.

They’re not completed yet, but you bet your jock strap it will be ready in August for the first preseason game.

Now fans will be screaming “bulls on the big screen!”



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