Texans select “best corner back in the draft” during first round

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HOUSTON, TX – The Texans just couldn’t go without a Johnson on the roster. We might not have an Andre, but we do have a Kevin! No one really knew where the team’s head was at during the first round of the 2015 draft but like so many times before, the Texans were thinking defense.

They selected Kevin Johnson from Wake Forest with their first pick (16th overall). Johnson is on the small side compared to a lot of NFL pros, he’s six feet tall and weighs just under 190 pounds. With more than 10 other teams interested in him in the last few months, including the Patriots and Steelers, Houston may have lucked out, nabbing the best cover corner back in the draft.

Johnson met with media on Friday and had this to say about joining the Texans, “Just being a part of a great organization. It’s been a lifelong dream to play in the NFL, but now I’m just trying to come in here and go to work and earn the respect from the players on the team as well as the coaches.”

Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said this about his new defensive back, “Well I think probably the thing that I saw the most on tape was his versatility. That’s the thing that I think Rick (Smith) and I talk about quite a bit is that every position, it’s really important, on offense and defense, to have versatility. So here’s a guy that is going to come in here and compete as an outside corner. We think that he can do some things on the inside of the coverage, special teams, as you can tell right here he’s a humble young man that’s a hard working guy, he’s a competitive guy, he doesn’t feel entitled, he feels like he’s got to go out there and earn everything he’s going to get. That’s why he’s here. So versatility, the type of person that he is, everybody that we’ve talked to, our scouting staff did a great job on Kevin (Johnson) and like we said last night, we’re excited to have him on board.”


He was a starter his entire time with Wake Forest and he’s known to have some impressive footwork. As team veteran Jonathan Joseph enters the last year of his contract, many are thinking Johnson may be a natural shoe in to replace him.



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