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KINGWOOD, Texas — We’re fresh out of Forrest Gump references, but even the classic movie would do little to describe the cross-country pilgrimage of an adorable dog with a cause and dog’s best friend.

Bixby, a 6-year-old border collie mix, has been traveling across the nation on a bicycle pedaled by 38-year-old Mike Minnick as a part of a grassroots campaign to support nonprofit animal shelters and to urge pet seekers to avoid puppy mills. Minnick found Bixby, who’s a rescue dog, in Austin a few years before their journey.

Now in the Lone Star State, they’re headed to the Kingwood area this week.

Bixby and Minnick have visited more than 100 animals shelters in 44 states. The best friends have pedaled 22,000 miles and counting since starting their journey on Galveston Island back in 2013.

Besides helping at-need animals, Minnick hopes to get a page in the Guinness Book of World Records for longest distance on an electric bicycle. The current record is 4,700 miles and Minnick has already tripled that, traveling 12,300 miles, with thousands of miles yet to go. Minnick says he’s nowhere near finished, and is expected to be on the road for at least another year.

You can follow Bixby and her human’s journey at