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HOUSTON, TX – Samantha Loos-Polk is inspired. She wants to be a nurse because of her own life-changing journey with cancer at the age of 14. Which brought her to the nursing program at the University of St. Thomas.

“My ultimate dream is to be a nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital, in the West Tower, on the ninth floor, where I faced my challenges and won my battle,” Loos-Polk said.

Well, Samantha landed her dream job. She will report to Texas Children’s Hospital Oncology Department, to work on the very floor where she was treated.

“I knew before I was diagnosed that I wanted to pursue a career that made a difference in others’ lives; however, I did not know what exactly that would be. But being diagnosed and having survived cancer and a rare fungal infection, I knew that being a nurse is what superhero I wanted to be.”

Samantha wants to be a nurse because she believes that in times of suffering, people come together and make a difference.