Texas cities rank low in gender wage gap


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HOUSTON (CW39) – The pay gap remains for working American women and some the worst cities for women’s pay is right here in Texas.   According to a report by business.org on “The Best Paying Metros for Women in 2020”, there are three Texas cities in the bottom 15 for being the worst-paying cities for women:

  • Victoria, TX ranks as the #6 worst, with women making 65% as much as men.
  • Odessa, TX ranks as the #7 worst, with women making 65% as much as men.
  • Midland, TX ranks as the #10 worst, with women making 66% as much as men.

Business.org ranked the cities based on female income as a percentage of male income.  To compare, they used the  median income of only full-time, year-round workers in each respective area, as reported in the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2018 American Community Survey.  Women own 30% of small business but only but 4.4% of the total value of small business loans go to women.  Business.org says this disparity may be closely tied to the gender pay gap.  California, North Carolina, and Florida have cities in the top 10, which indicate these are great states to start as a female entrepreneur.  Although Texas has three metro areas in the bottom 10, the state ranks 23rd in the country when it comes to gender pay disparity.


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