Texas drought: More than half of state facing dry conditions


HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) Nearly half of the Lone Star State is currently experiencing parched levels, with 54.4% of the region in some sort of drought. The current drought status shows areas in north Texas to be impacted by mostly abnormally dry to severe drought. A few areas north and west of Houston, near Dallas and in the central most parts of the state are also experiencing dry conditions.


The drought status in the state has significantly decreased when comparing the current levels to levels from earlier this year. In April, 91.78% of Texas sat in some form of drought (D0-D4) and 8.53% of the state was in the worst drought status possible.


Just six months ago south Texas, saw some of the more serious conditions with nearly 25% of the state in severe to extreme drought. Other areas hit the hardest were in far west Texas, with a majority of those regions in extreme to exceptional drought as well. The tables below depict drought statistics from early February through last week of September.


While none of the state is currently experiencing the worst type of drought possible (D4), the story remains that drought issues persist through Texas. However, on the flip side, Busch Intercontinental Airport has measured rain totals since January that put the area ahead of where it normally sits for the year and month to date.


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