HOUSTON (KIAH) — Texas film director Brock Cravy alleges the Brown County Sheriff’s Office displayed anti-LGBTQ sentiments towards a pride film festival he is organizing in the city of Brownwood.

Cravy is organizing the pride of Texas Film Festival in the smallest town in Texas to ever hold such an event. The LGBTQ community in Brownwood inspired him to organize this event after the city organized its first drag show.

Cravy says on April 28, he was meeting with the Brown County Sheriff to discuss the safety protocols of the event in June. He says he overheard several sheriff’s office staff express anti-LGBTQ sentiments, with one staff member even saying, “they have to correct them.”

“It was chilling because we’ve been corrected before, we’ve been corrected a lot, tied to the back of trucks, tied to fence posts, conversion therapy, electric shock therapy so I was really curious as to what she meant by correct my community and me,” said Cravy.

He did file a formal complaint with the sheriff’s office. Cravy adds he simply wants to know that he and his community will be safe at this festival.

We did reach out to the Brown County Sheriff’s office and did not receive an official statement.

You can find more information about the festival here.