Texas GOP platform endorses conversion therapy for gay people

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It’s time for a dance party; the political dance party. You may have heard Texas republicans at the state convention decided to put conversion therapy on the state party platform.

That’s the therapy that’s supposed to turn gay people straight.

Forget the fact that most credible medical organizations from the AMA to WHO have called this kind of thing invalid and states like California and New Jersey have banned it.

But this is Texas, where you might be born this way, but by golly were going to try and set you straight!

Know you’ll find therapy in the platform for someone who is gay; but you won’t find therapy for at risk 20-somethings who think violent video games can become real. And you won’t see therapy recommended for someone dealing PTSD, although on page 23 the platform ‘encourages’ the Texas legislature to make it easier for someone with minor PTSD to own a gun.

Yep — it feels like there needs to be ‘more’ therapy in here.

You have to wonder how many people really think talk of ‘conversion therapy’ will actually ‘convert’ people to ‘vote this way’ in November.

Both parties in Texas need to court minorities to sustain themselves; not side-show talk.

Because if you believe therapy makes the gay go away and it belongs in a political party platform; then turn out the lights the party’s over.





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