Texas immigrant flood is spreading coast to coast

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immigrantCHELSEA, MA – School administrators in Chelsea, MA, say the flood of Central American immigrants into Texas resulted in 75 new kids in their schools, requiring resources not in the budget, like Spanish-speaking teachers.

Three-thousand miles away, a former nursing home in Escondido, CA, is swept up in the Texas immigrant flood. Local residents packed the city council chambers to protest plans to use the facilities to house 96 unaccompanied alien children between the ages of 6 and 17.

Opponents say they are worried about safety, traffic, disease, and of being seen as lenient on illegal immigration.

One resident told council members that “not every cause has our name on it.”

New White House press secretary Josh Earnest says the president knows whose name to hang the blame on, and that would be any Republican in Congress who has not voted for immigration reform.

He told reporters during the daily briefing that if congressional Republicans want to secure the border “they should jump on board the bandwagon and support the passage of comprehensive immigration reform.”

Finally, a White House intern fainted for a moment during Earnest’s briefing.

No reason was given, but we’re pretty sure it might have something to do with all the hot air coming out of the White House.



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